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Slaughter in Barnaby Close – my new book available for free

Serious post for once today.  This morning I self-published my 3rd book and it is available to download for free from here.  If you enjoy a good horror story then you will, I hope, enjoy it.  If you just like free stuff you will definitely enjoy it.  It’s a short story so don’t worry about having to sacrifice hours and hours of your time as I selfishly strive for fame, riches and honour.

As a new author/writer/whatever every single new reader is precious.  I have several people to thank for helping me out with their comments and feedback.  Those people are:

Lee-Ann Donaldson – The cover artist who put up with me emailing her all the time.  Likes to dye her hair and make a mess of her bath.  Top artist.

April Trice – Slightly mad but most arty types are.  Very witty.  American.

noirciplume – Fellow Brit from London.  Loves books and other artistic thingies.

Random Female Blog – A couple of friendly and humorous Belgium girls.  They like their music they do.

Sparkle Bumps – Recently worked in a book store where she was frequently tortured by numerous customers.  Entertaining rants-a-plenty here.

The Albatross – A German Egyptian girl with lovely eyes and an interesting approach to sandwiches.

If anyone else fancies writing a short review of some kind on their own blog then please feel free and I will be forever thankful to you.  Lastly, if any other budding authors want some advice on self-publishing please free to either email me or ask on here.

None of the residents of Barnaby Close are particularly unhappy. It’s in a nice area and the families are well off and caring. So why have they started killing each other?

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