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Dark Globe Award winner and thank you post

Yo peeps!  It is now official that I won the Writer of the Year award category at The Dark Globe Awards.  So a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and well done to the winners of the other categories.  Also thank you to Dark Jade himself for going to the trouble of organising and counting the votes.  Corned beef and onion sandwiches for everyone.

Seeing as I am here and feeling all soppy and gushing I will take the time to say ‘thank you’ to various people for various reasons.

Moose Licker, Random Female Blog, No Blog IntendedApril Trice and Hannah for being the early bloggers who made me laugh and visited my site.

Jenny Goth for being my very first follower and introducing me to Death Santa.

Pete Howorth and Anna for bigging me up on the forums and swelling my ego.

Earlier in the year Lilyincanada and Vixytwix both awarded me the Versatile Blogger award.  Becoming Bitter awarded me the Liebster Blog Award and wrote a story with me as a character.  I was dead a paragraph later.

La Plume Noir and Emily Rose for taking the time to review one of my books.  April Trice, Hannah, No blog Intended and Random Female Blog for their thoughts and comments on my books as well.

Mother Venting for being just as insane on Twitter as she is on WordPress.

Honourable mentions go to AdairRay Kelly, Kicking Sport, Raine, Mammasaurus and the blogless Lisa.

Aaaaaaaand I think that is everyone.  Feel free to abuse me if I have forgotten anyone.

Update: A few hours after posting this I was awarded the 7 x 7 award by Dee Shrek.

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