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We Go Again – my new book is now available! Free for reviewers and subscribers

It’s been a fair old while since I last posted on this blog, but here lies solid proof that I’ve been beavering away like a busy bee in the middle of the desert… for my latest book has finally barged its way into the world!

Set in WWII, We Go Again is a story that not only touches on the relationship between soldiers, but also offers an insight into the effects that war can have on a person’s state of mind.  Of course, no war story would be complete without any action and this one is packed to the rafters with guns, tanks, planes, some French civilians… and a little birdy tells me that there’s even a smidgen of romance to be found somewhere within its pages as well.

As ever I owe thanks to the modmins over on Goodreads and also to everyone who was kind enough to help me with the editing side of things.

Anyone who is willing to leave a rating and/or a review on their own website, on Goodreads, or on Amazon is more than welcome to download a free copy using the links below.  I’m also giving away five paperback copies, so anyone who wants to enter the draw can leave an email address in the comments section below.

Download links for reviewers – epub, mobi Kindle, PDF

Purchase links for paperback and ebook copies – Amazon UKAmazon US, Smashwords

Not long after surviving the horrors of D-Day, Corporal James Bowden finds himself as part of a small group of soldiers marching through Nazi-occupied France.

Supplied with orders that are vague and unspecific and surrounded by men he doesn’t know, will James survive society’s desire for justice and revenge?



Although Abigail enjoyed train journeys, she hated it when there were busy crowds. The adults always towered high above her and their heavy overcoats wafted in front of her face, blocking out the light. She let out a sigh and wondered why no-one was talking.

After spotting a small gap, she squeezed into it to give herself some more room. The yellow badge that was pinned to her jacket ripped off and fell to the floor, causing someone above her to tut loudly; Abigail decided not to pick it up again.

She spotted a man in a smart uniform – surely, he must know where they were going.
“Excuse me,” she politely enquired. “Where are we going?”

The man’s expression was one of death.  “Auschwitz,” he replied.


My new novel, Saying Goodbye to Warsaw, is due for release soon.  Set in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII, it is a story of tragedy and this is a little taster for what is to come.

Shades of Grey now available in paperback! Giveaway a la internationalé

Yo peeps!  Time for yet another serious post whereby I whore myself out and go all self-promotiony on you.

Right then.  Just over a year ago, some of you may recall that I published a book called Shades of Grey.  It was a collection of three short stories that was only available in smelly ebook form (Kindle, Nook, etc.)  Well, I’m pleased to announce that it is finally available in PAPERBACK form!  YES!  Down with all this digital nonsense I say, and onwards with pulped trees and physically vulnerable mediums.  Apart from WordPress, of course; blogging would be a right kerfuffle if was all done via papyrus scrolls.  Papyrus shops are a bit thin on the ground here in Blighty.

Anyway, to celebrate this truly momentous occasion I’m giving away a whole five copies to anyone who fancies one.  This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world… providing Amazon deliver to you, that is.  This goes doubly so for people in America as they buy far FAR more of my books than any of my smelly fellow Brits do.  In fact, my fellow Brits should count themselves lucky that I’m even allowing them to enter.  You bloody Brits with your wonky NHS dentisted teeth, daft accents, and the obsession with driving fuel-efficient cars.

I tell you, if I ever get rich and famous from this writing lark, I’ll definitely go and live in the US for a while.  I’ll be able to eat hot grits for breakfast and have melted cheese on everything without anyone batting an eyelid.  I won’t be going anywhere near their chocolate though, that really is ghastly stuff.

So, all you have to do is leave an email address in a comment below and I’ll contact you for your real address if you’re a winner.

For those that don’t believe I actually went ahead with this, it’s listed here on Amazon UK and here on Amazon US.  For those that still don’t believe me, here is a picture of the aforementioned paperbacks on my bed.  And yes, I did gather them up and cuddle them afterwards.

PS – although it shares a similar name, Shades of Grey has nothing to do with that erotic grot written by EL James.

PPS – for those wanting to know, I’m hard at work on another book.  I decided to dip back into historical fiction again, and it’s a story set in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII.

John is not a very nice man. He works for the government. So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want?

James is a British soldier during WWII. Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.

Three stories. Three very different people. All of them battling to survive.

Shades of Grey Real!

Jake – my latest book now available! Free for reviewers and followers

At last!  It’s here!  It’s finished!  My latest book is now occupying the digital shelves of an online shop somewhere near you.  And by jove, would it be thrilled to have your mouse pointer tickling under its nose.

All those months of head scratching, typing, formatting, the endless rounds of editing and begging people to help me with the proof reading… I’m sick of the sight of the damned thing.  But it’s finished!  WOWZERS.

And I’ll be starting a new one soon…

This particular story is centred around a teenage boy called Jake, and it’s all about the teenage insecurities that are bouncing around his head as he battles from one day to the next.  There’s drama, there’s jealousy, there’s shouting, there’s tragedy, there’s… well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.

I’d like to thank OCD Reader, Weichu, and Louise Savage for their gracious help during the editing stages.  Their delicate beady eyes spotted what my tired puffy ones could not.

Kindlers can download it directly from Amazon US and Amazon UK, whilst owners of Nooks and the like can download the epub/PDF/Sony version from Smashwords

If you’re willing to write a short review of the book on somewhere like Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, or your blog then you can grab yourself a free copy from Smashwords using this code – JU97J

Jealousy, lust, and teenage insecurities are the lifeblood of any large school.

Loneliness can strike without warning, spreading through the cramped corridors like an epidemic.

Out on the playground, rivalries are formed from the pettiest of incidents.

Some people look at Jake in awe, others look at him with hatred.

Jake is just an ordinary boy who wants to be liked.

Jake wants to know why the girls never seem to notice him.

Jake is… well, he’s Jake.


Dark Globe Award winner and thank you post

Yo peeps!  It is now official that I won the Writer of the Year award category at The Dark Globe Awards.  So a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me and well done to the winners of the other categories.  Also thank you to Dark Jade himself for going to the trouble of organising and counting the votes.  Corned beef and onion sandwiches for everyone.

Seeing as I am here and feeling all soppy and gushing I will take the time to say ‘thank you’ to various people for various reasons.

Moose Licker, Random Female Blog, No Blog IntendedApril Trice and Hannah for being the early bloggers who made me laugh and visited my site.

Jenny Goth for being my very first follower and introducing me to Death Santa.

Pete Howorth and Anna for bigging me up on the forums and swelling my ego.

Earlier in the year Lilyincanada and Vixytwix both awarded me the Versatile Blogger award.  Becoming Bitter awarded me the Liebster Blog Award and wrote a story with me as a character.  I was dead a paragraph later.

La Plume Noir and Emily Rose for taking the time to review one of my books.  April Trice, Hannah, No blog Intended and Random Female Blog for their thoughts and comments on my books as well.

Mother Venting for being just as insane on Twitter as she is on WordPress.

Honourable mentions go to AdairRay Kelly, Kicking Sport, Raine, Mammasaurus and the blogless Lisa.

Aaaaaaaand I think that is everyone.  Feel free to abuse me if I have forgotten anyone.

Update: A few hours after posting this I was awarded the 7 x 7 award by Dee Shrek.

Dark Globe artist awards – two more days of voting left!

Howdy peeps.  Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas break if it is still going.  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas break if it has finished.  Mine is still going and I am enjoying it immensely.

Diligent followers of this here blog will know about the Dark Globe awards going on over at The Dark Globe.  I am one of the five finalists for the Writer of the Year category and there are still two more days of voting left!  Head on over there to cast your votes for the three categories by looking at the list of finalists here and then posting a reply saying who you are voting for.  As of this moment I am just about in front but anything can happen between now and when the voting ends on the 31st December.

So, erm, get on over there and vote!

Seeing as I am in a self-promoting mood I may as well mention that I am currently updating my books.  All three of them.  Diary of a Dork and Shelter from Thunder have had their covers completely redone.  Slaughter in Barnaby Close has had a considerable update to it’s content.  There is still more for me to do and I am working on updating the content to Diary and Shelter as of this moment.

They are still free and they are in the ‘My books’ section at the top.

Slaughter in Barnaby Close – my new book available for free

Serious post for once today.  This morning I self-published my 3rd book and it is available to download for free from here.  If you enjoy a good horror story then you will, I hope, enjoy it.  If you just like free stuff you will definitely enjoy it.  It’s a short story so don’t worry about having to sacrifice hours and hours of your time as I selfishly strive for fame, riches and honour.

As a new author/writer/whatever every single new reader is precious.  I have several people to thank for helping me out with their comments and feedback.  Those people are:

Lee-Ann Donaldson – The cover artist who put up with me emailing her all the time.  Likes to dye her hair and make a mess of her bath.  Top artist.

April Trice – Slightly mad but most arty types are.  Very witty.  American.

noirciplume – Fellow Brit from London.  Loves books and other artistic thingies.

Random Female Blog – A couple of friendly and humorous Belgium girls.  They like their music they do.

Sparkle Bumps – Recently worked in a book store where she was frequently tortured by numerous customers.  Entertaining rants-a-plenty here.

The Albatross – A German Egyptian girl with lovely eyes and an interesting approach to sandwiches.

If anyone else fancies writing a short review of some kind on their own blog then please feel free and I will be forever thankful to you.  Lastly, if any other budding authors want some advice on self-publishing please free to either email me or ask on here.

None of the residents of Barnaby Close are particularly unhappy. It’s in a nice area and the families are well off and caring. So why have they started killing each other?

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