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Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards

Serious post time peeps.  I am a preliminary nominee for the Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Awards over at The Dark Globe.  This award is different to the Versatile and Liebster blog awards as people will be actually voting for the winners once the nomination date has expired (20th December).

There are three categories – Photographer of the Year, Writer of the Year and Blogger of the Year.  I am a preliminary nominee for Writer of the Year courtesy of noirciplume.

If you want to nominate your own favourite blogs then feel free to do so.  Pop over to The Dark Globe and nominate up to three blogs.  You don’t need to nominate one for each category, you can mix them up or put them all in one category.  Note that this is still the preliminary round so even if you see someone already nominated don’t be shy about including them in your own selection as this will help them get to the next round.  So, erm, you can still nominate for me in the Writer of the Year award if you so desire…

Once again this is different to the Versatile and Liebster awards – there is no need for each nominee to post facts about themselves or vote for other people, etc.  Anyone can nominate.

Nomination period expires on the 20th December.

Voting starts on the 21st December and ends on the 31st December

Winrars announced on the 1st January.

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