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Shades of Grey – new book

Serious post time.  As some of you already know I have been writing and self-publishing books.  Well today I have published my fourth one!  Here is the ‘blurb’:

John is not a very nice man.  He works for the government.  So who has tied him to a chair and what do they want?  James is a British soldier during WWII.  Tom is a young boy with a terrible secret.

Three stories.  Three very different people.  All of them battling to survive.

It is a collection of three short stories and Kindle owners can purchase it directly from the Amazon Kindle store (US link and UK link.)   Owners of other ereaders can buy it from Smashwords.  My other books are available for free on Smashwords.  They are all DRM free so can be shared around without any problems.

If anyone is willing to post a review on their blog or even on somewhere like Amazon and Goodreads then you can use the code below to get yourself a free copy from Smashwords.  This offer is open to anyone so if you know any other readers who would be interested in reviewing it then please do tell them!  As a bonus the review will also entitle you to free digital copies of my future books as well.

Code – NT88S

I have the following people to thank for taking the time to read things before they were finished – No Blog Intended, Random Female Blog and April Trice.

The following people have tagged and/or passed on a blog award to me recently – Addie, A Gripping LifeJbmumofone and Laplumenoire so my thanks to those kind people as well.

Shades of Grey

Slaughter in Barnaby Close – my new book available for free

Serious post for once today.  This morning I self-published my 3rd book and it is available to download for free from here.  If you enjoy a good horror story then you will, I hope, enjoy it.  If you just like free stuff you will definitely enjoy it.  It’s a short story so don’t worry about having to sacrifice hours and hours of your time as I selfishly strive for fame, riches and honour.

As a new author/writer/whatever every single new reader is precious.  I have several people to thank for helping me out with their comments and feedback.  Those people are:

Lee-Ann Donaldson – The cover artist who put up with me emailing her all the time.  Likes to dye her hair and make a mess of her bath.  Top artist.

April Trice – Slightly mad but most arty types are.  Very witty.  American.

noirciplume – Fellow Brit from London.  Loves books and other artistic thingies.

Random Female Blog – A couple of friendly and humorous Belgium girls.  They like their music they do.

Sparkle Bumps – Recently worked in a book store where she was frequently tortured by numerous customers.  Entertaining rants-a-plenty here.

The Albatross – A German Egyptian girl with lovely eyes and an interesting approach to sandwiches.

If anyone else fancies writing a short review of some kind on their own blog then please feel free and I will be forever thankful to you.  Lastly, if any other budding authors want some advice on self-publishing please free to either email me or ask on here.

None of the residents of Barnaby Close are particularly unhappy. It’s in a nice area and the families are well off and caring. So why have they started killing each other?

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