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An Indian call centre worker reviews the Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Office Environment toy

indian-call-center-150x150Hello sirs and madams, my name is Srivathkananghm Nagmisrivithikan… or Trevor for short.

If one thing I believe about this globe, is having opportunity of good start in life. I remember when I six years old, I had never experience life in office before and so not know how use photocopy fax machine for sending emails. Is for this reason why I purchase new toy for nephew, Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Office Environment, so he have early advantage over others when he go for job applications.

Okay, first thing is that it arrive in box that is big, bright, and happy just like all other Fisher Price toys do. This is bad decision as most box that get delivery to office are brown, covered in bogeys, and sometimes have bad words written on by racist van driver. Is important to get all details right, so we off to bad start already, but things looking better after I finish unpacking.  First thing that catch my eye are three plastic partition walls that clip together easily, which good for nephew small hands. I remember when Trevor in accounts department try commit suicide as he no like being lonely and neglect for most of day, so important that nephew get used to working long hours in office cubicle from early age.

Another nice feature is that there is button on top of toy that make noises when press. This mean nephew recognise sound of fire alarm test at 2:30pm each Tuesday afternoon, so he no panic thinking he burn to death when doing poops on lavatories after lunch.

Although toy is good, I wonder why no include fire extinguish? I know that Trevor in project department use extinguish to keep security door open when he go outside for smokings – is important that nephew realise that if he trapped during real fire then he may not be able to put out flames and that exit way might be blocked.

I thank Fisher Price for help give nephew exciting learnings for future.


5 responses to “An Indian call centre worker reviews the Fisher Price Little People Fun Sounds Office Environment toy

  1. Kate Takes 5 (@KateTakes5) 07/30/2013 at 12:59 PM

    Trevor never had it so good. Here’s to the new generation. (But they should have included flashing ‘864 calls waiting’ signs and irate customers to bang on plastic front doors.)

  2. Addie 07/30/2013 at 3:04 PM

    Michael–I laughed aloud on this one! Trevor, indeed!!!

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