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Q&A with the editor of Horse and Hound Magazine, Max Hopper

horse-houndGot a horse? Got a hound? Then you need Horse and Hound Magazine! Although we welcome newcomers to the world of horse and hound ownership this is not a place for part-timers – if you own just a horse or just a hound then I must kindly (but firmly) request that you place this publication back upon the shelf. Don’t get me wrong, walking your dachshund in the park has its place and sometimes I want to do nothing more than pop down to the stables and feed Gertrude a handful of Extra Strong Mints, but the real zest comes from mounting your mighty steed and having your faithful wolf-hound bounding alongside you.

Dear Max

I’m new to the world of horse-and-hound ownership and I think I have messed up, probably because I didn’t pay enough attention to your handy pull-out-and-keep wallchart that you kindly included with last week’s issue. I made some manure for my garden but the plants aren’t growing any faster. I have been measuring them hourly but the only change is the increasing number of flies buzzing around the tulips. Can you help?

Do not fret for this is one of the most common mistakes that newcomers make. First of all, you should be aware of the difference between horse droppings and hound droppings, for they are very different; it’s horse manure for your garden and dog manure for everything else.

Now I am no expert gardener but I believe you need more patience. As great as horses are, the perk of free manure should be seen as a bonus extra rather than the main attraction. Any excess dog droppings should be put into an envelope and posted to local goat owners – goats are hideous and ugly creatures and their procreation should be discouraged at every opportunity.

Dear Max

What with the recession and everything I am looking for an economical way of getting into this horse and hound world. If I buy a poodle would it be possible for me to rent a small horse on a part-time basis? Or perhaps alternate between horse and hound ownership every other month? Can you help?

Now look here this sort of thing really gets my goat. You cannot cheat your way into horse and hound ownership and your excuse about the recession isn’t good enough. It’s a way of life; a state of being; a philosophy to live by and cherish forever. We don’t tolerate donkey owners, pony lovers, mule sympathisers nor zebra fanatics. Poodles are despicable creatures and it is my sincere belief that they are nothing more than the bastard offspring of confused goats and overly promiscuous sheep.

27 responses to “Q&A with the editor of Horse and Hound Magazine, Max Hopper

  1. kickingsport 12/06/2011 at 1:36 PM

    Good old Max telling it like it is! Make him PM I say.

  2. mooselicker 12/06/2011 at 4:53 PM

    Sometimes I sit on my dog’s back. I can’t afford the entire Horse & Hound package so I’m making due.

  3. Becoming Bitter 12/07/2011 at 3:53 AM

    I don’t want either horse or hound. You keep your H&H stuff to yourself Max.

    Although I do agree with you on the pony and poodle thing.

    • Michael Cargill 12/07/2011 at 9:12 AM

      Would you be interested in Broomstick and Black Cat Magazine?

      • Becoming Bitter 12/07/2011 at 9:13 AM

        Yes, please. Do I get a complementary wand with that too?

        Do you like the new background for my blog? Does it make my bum look big?

        • Michael Cargill 12/07/2011 at 9:19 AM

          No wands I am afraid but there is going to be a free guide on how to un-toad yourself after getting a spell wrong.

          Your new background is fine to be honest. Not sure why you are so worried about your behind though, it is so peachy-looking that I want to bite it.

          • Becoming Bitter 12/07/2011 at 9:22 AM

            EWWWW. Gross…save those comments for Raine’s, NBI’s, or RFB’s blog.

            Excuse me while I go vomit.

        • Becoming Bitter 12/07/2011 at 9:20 AM

          WTH! LOL… I did NOT type that last question in!
          I’m gonna bring you back from the dead to KILL you again and that time you won’t have a butter knife. You’ll have nothing Kinky!

  4. No Blog Intended 12/07/2011 at 12:47 PM

    Thanks, Bitter. And Kinky, you said I was a dictator?

  5. Adair 12/07/2011 at 3:40 PM

    I think I love you.

  6. Pete Howorth 12/07/2011 at 8:32 PM

    Nice one Cargers! I agree, anyone with a poodle should be taken outside and executed in front of their families.

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